Planting Instructions




Helping Growers Grow





On Arrival

Open box and check labels for variety and rootstock.



Keep trees in a cool storage.

Keep roots and packing moist.

Keep box or package away from sun and wind.

If excessive days in shipment, inspect trees for damage and dryness.  

Note damage on freight bill and notify Van Well Nursery.



Check variety labels before planting.

Dig a large hole (18" - 24" diameter, 16" deep).

Standard size trees plant with bud union at ground level.

Dwarf or semi-dwarf trees plant bud union 2" above ground level.

Spread roots out.

Fill hole about three-fourths full of soil and pack soil firmly around tree roots.  

Finish filling hole with water.  

After water soaks in, finish filling hole with soil.

We do not recommend using compost.



Prune top to about 30".

Prune side limbs to about 3 or 4 buds.

Remove undesirable branches.


After Pruning

Be sure to protect tree from insects, rodents and disease.

Do not let tree dry out.



We do not recommend fertilizing trees the first season they are set out.  

However, a slow release or transplanting fertilizer may be used.



Plant pests and disease vary from area to area.  

For spraying instructions contact your county extension service or

chemical distributor fieldman.