Adams Apple® Red Delicious

(Burchinal cv.) U.S. P. P. No. 14757

If color is a problem in your area, Adams Apple® is the Red Delicious for you! This new strain is red from petal fall to picking and produces large, typey fruit with very white, juicy flesh. It's a sport of our exclusive Oregon Spur® II Red Delicious with similar growth habits.



US. Plant Patent No. 10789

Aromatic with a pleasing flavor, this chance seedling from British Columbia is fast becoming a breakout variety for growers on both sides of the border. Fruit is medium to large with a creamy yellow background and pink blush on the sun-exposed side. Fruit is sweet and juicy. AmbrosiaTM can only be purchased through special arrangement. Please contact us for more information.

Auvil Early Fuji®

Auvil Early Fuji

(Fuji 216 cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 10141

When Grady Auvil discovered this new Fuji sport, he predicted "it will revolutionize the Fuji market." This sensational new strain matures about six weeks ahead of standard Red Fuji sports yet produces a higher percentage of Washington Extra Fancy fruit. The fruit flavor, tree structure and growth habits appear to be identical to other Red Fuji sports.



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Aztec Fuji

Aztec Fuji ® (DT 2 cltv.)


The new generation Red Fuji is considered the reddest blush Fuji sport on the market.  This strain is fast becoming the standard by which all Red Fuji varieties will be judged.  The fruit has all the sweet flavor and crisp crunch expected from Red Fuji.  The tree exhibits growth habits and vigor similar to other Fuji strains.

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Compact Winter Banana

Compact Winter Banana

winterbananaUsed primarily as a pollinator, the fruit is similar to standard Winter Banana. The compact growth structure can be variable, but the pollen is strong and viable.

Early Red One™ Delicious

Early Red One TM Delicious

earlyredoneTree is a non-spur, although it does tend to throw more fruit spurs than other non-spur varieties. Still tops in areas where color is difficult to obtain, Early Red One™ colors with a blush into a solid red.

Gale Gala®

Gale Gala

(Malaga cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 10114

Gale Gala® is the "one -pick" Gala strain - the highest coloring Gala sport currently on the market! A whole tree sport of Royal Gala, this outstanding new strain has all the winning characteristics of its parent but has deeper red stripes and a fuller red color. Gale Gala® growers report one-pick harvests of this sport with packouts in the 95-100% Washington Extra Fancy grade for color. Gale Gala® is available only through Van Well Nursery.

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Gibson Golden Delicious

Gibson Golden Delicious

gibsongoldenGibson Golden is a smooth-skinned selection of the very popular Golden Delicious that appears to russet less than standard Golden. The tree is vigorous, productive and easy to handle. Like standard Golden, the fruit is sweet and juicy and of excellent type.

Ginger Gold®

Ginger Gold

(Mt. Cove cv.) 

The best of the early goldens, Ginger Gold® has all the qualities of Golden Delicious but ripens six to eight weeks earlier. It can be picked green, just as color begins to turn, and will ripen to an attractive yellow color. It has a sweet, tangy flavor and firm, crisp flesh.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith

grannysmithThis green apple import from Australia has become an American standard. Consumers like it for its tart, crisp and juicy flavor and outstanding keeping qualities. Granny Smith is used for both fresh packs and processing and produces large, round fruit. The tree is vigorous and sets crops early. This is a late maturing variety and is not recommended for areas with short growing seasons.




The crunch, texture and excellent storage life of this apple is creating lots of interest among commercial fruit growers. A late midseason apple, HoneycrispTM ripens about a week after McIntosh and a few weeks ahead of Red Delicious. This variety is a cross between Macoun and Honeygold, developed at the University of Minnesota. Skin is two-thirds mottled red with a straw background. Mildly aromatic, juicy flavor. Tree is moderately vigorous and exhibits good winter hardiness. Good annual bearer.


IdaredBright red Jonathan type originating from a cross between Jonathan and Wagener. Creamy white flesh is firm with a nice crunch. Excellent dessert qualities and fruit keeps and stores well.


jonamacA red blush shades about two-thirds of this dessert-quality apple. A McIntosh type, fruit is firm, crisp with good quality. Ripens just ahead of McIntosh. An annual producer, bearing good crops. Tree can be quite vigorous.


libertyA variety tolerant to many apple diseases. Liberty produces a medium-size apple, sporting brilliant red color over yellow. The flesh is pale yellow and juicy.


LodiAn early season favorite, Lodi retains the quality and flavor of Yellow Transparent but produces larger fruits that ship better. A thick, yellow skin covers this crisp, rich tasting apple.




Yellow-green fruit, blushed with pronounced lenticels. The large fruits are crisp with creamy flesh. Stores fairly well. Should not be used as a pollinator.

Northern Spy

northernspyCooking and processing apple bearing crimson, striped skin. Yellow-white flesh is firm, yet melting. A slow bearer on standard seedling rootstock.

Oregon Spur® II Red Delicious

Oregon Spur® II Red Delicious

oregonspuriiHere's a Red Delicious strain with a 30-year history of providing growers with a vigorous, semi-spur tree that produces typey, striped Extra Fancy fruit. The vigor of Oregon Spur® II makes it ideal for hard-to-grow soils. The big, leafy tree structure promotes production of large, quality fruit with outstanding shape. In addition to producing a high percentage of Extra Fancy fruit, growers should also see early cropping meaning a faster return on investment.

Red Cameo (TM)


(Dudek cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 19766

A limb sport of Cameo, this sensational Van Well Nursery exclusive introduction has all the characteristics of its parent — attractive color, crisp, juicy, sweet-tart flavor and outstanding storage quality. The tree exhibits standard growth characteristics, although it can be quite spurry. It is both a vigorous and hardy producer.


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Red Gravenstein

Red Gravenstein

redgravensteinAn improved strain of the old favorite cooking apple. Snappy white flesh and distinctive flavor make this a sure bet for applesauce and pies.

Red Jonaprince™

redjonaprince(Red Jonathan cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 11112

The Red Jonagold that delivers "one-pick" color! The deep red hue shows on all the apples (even shaded fruit) at the same time and in many cases the coloring comes earlier than on other strains of Jonagold. Red JonaprinceTM hails from Weert, The Netherlands and is being introduced to America by Van Well Nursery. JonaprinceTM has the large size and excellent flavor of its parent, Jonagold Prince, plus the advantage of better storage and flavor keeping qualities when compared to other Red Jonagold sports. If you like Jonagold, this strain should definitely be in your planting mix.

Red McIntosh

Red McIntoshThis is the Summerland Red McIntosh. The fruit colors early with a deep red hue. A hardy and productive tree, it is sometimes used as a hardy understock for other apple varieties.

Redfield™ Red Braeburn

(Mahana cv.) U.S. Plant Patent Pending

redfieldredA bright, cherry-red finish sets this Braeburn sport apart from other can literally see the difference on the tree. A full blush and good typey shape enhances the eye appeal of this apple. RedfieldTM comes from New Zealand where they know a thing or two about Braeburn. This selection has all the juicy, sweet-tart flavor of other Braeburn strains, just colors better.

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redfreeOutstanding summer apple, russet-free with a 90% red wash over yellow ground color. Redfree is crisp and juicy, sweet-tart in flavor. Fruit is medium in size and keeps fairly well. A hardy, disease-resistant tree for scab, cedar rust, fire blight and mildew.

Royal Court™

Royal Court

(Hartencourt cv.) U.S. P.P. No. 10049

A solid blush strain of Cortland discovered in Waterville, Nova Scotia, Royal CourtTM is a whole limb sport of the popular McIntosh-Ben Davis cross. It bears deeper red color blushed with mahogany. The skin color is a dynamic contrast to the white, crisp flesh and grows on a vigorous, hardy tree.

Royal Empire™

Royal Empire

(Teeple cv.)

A whole-limb sport of Empire discovered in Wolcott, NY. Royal EmpireTM produces fruit significantly brighter and redder than its parent. Fruit presents a 75-90% deep purplish red color. Creamy-white flesh is moderately sub-acid. Tree is vigorous, upright and has good crotch angles.

Ruby Jon™

Ruby Jon

(Johnson cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 10115

Looking for early color in a Jonathan? Then look to Ruby Jon for red color that starts mid-July and finishes by August 1 in North Central Washington. That puts it well into the game before other Red Jonathan sports. The red striping over the greenish-yellow ground color makes a great presentation. And the fruit still has the slightly tart flavor Jonathan lovers want. Crisp, juicy and delicious.

Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious

(Flinn cv.)

scarlettspurFor almost two decades, Scarlet Spur was the most popular Red Delicious in the world with literally hundreds of thousands of acres in production. Now comes the next generation of America's earliest, best coloring Red Delicious, Scarlet Spur II. Although Scarlet Spur® II finishes coloring about three days earlier than its parent, it has all the winning characteristics of the original - dark mahogany color, crisp white flesh, excellent fruit production and outstanding type. Like its predecessor, Scarlet Spur II is a Van Well Nursery exclusive premier variety.

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Snapp(TM) Red Stayman

U.S. Plant Patent No. 11071

snappredstaymanA high coloring strain of the popular Southern favorite, this sport hails from the apple country of Winchester, VA. It is considered one of the reddest Staymans on the market. Named after Alfred Snapp, who discovered the variety, its tart, juicy taste and crisp crunch makes "Snapp" the perfect name for this apple. 


spartanSummerland, B.C. cross of McIntosh and Newtown. Dark red skin and high dessert quality put this variety strongly in the McIntosh camp. Ripens after McIntosh with firm, medium to large fruit. It is a reasonably good shipper.

Super Chief® Red Delicious

Super Chief Red Delicious

(Sandidge cv.)

An improved sport of one of the most popular Red Delicious strains ever planted, Super Chief® has all the winning traits of its parent, Campbell Red Delicious, but colors 18 days earlier! The tree is extremely spurry, producing a compact tree that throws an abundance of fruit spurs. It starts coloring with a red stripe but by picking time, a brilliant red has evenly covered the fruit and just a hint of striping remains. In addition to its beautiful color, Super Chief® fruit is very typey.

Taylor Rome

taylorredromeA proven strain for processors, Taylor Rome is a regular and heavy producer. The skin color does not bleed through to the flesh like other sports of Rome Beauty. The tree is a vigorous grower.


wealthyA fine eating and cooking apple with a distinctive flavor. The skin color is mostly red. The tree is hardy and bears precociously. Wealthy is a popular choice for an early fall apple.

Yellow Newtown

(Newtown Pippin)

yellownewtonA vigorous, spreading tree. The fruit is green to light yellow. The medium to large apple has fine dessert quality.