Auvil Early Fuji®

Auvil Early Fuji

(Fuji 216 cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 10141

When Grady Auvil discovered this new Fuji sport, he predicted "it will revolutionize the Fuji market." This sensational new strain matures about six weeks ahead of standard Red Fuji sports yet produces a higher percentage of Washington Extra Fancy fruit. The fruit flavor, tree structure and growth habits appear to be identical to other Red Fuji sports.



Fuji apple as a whole are considered later maturing apples. As mentioned above, the Auvil Early Fuji ripens a good six weeks before the standard red varieties.  It retains all of the characteristics of the standard varieties, in particular the taste and texture.  

The real advantage of the earlier ripening of the Auvil Early Fuji is two fold.  First it extends the ripening season for growers with both strands better utilizing the harvesting workforce.  And second, it ensures that the Auvil Early Fuji apples ripen prior to the onset of inclimate weather, in Northern or higher elevations, when the standard variety may run the risk of freezing weather prior to harvest.

Washington State is the largest apple producing state in the US, producing almost half of the US apple crop.  In Washington over 135,000 tons of Fuji apples are produced every year and they are currently the fourth most popular type of apple produced behind red and gold delicious, and gala apples.  

Auvil Early Fuji are a popular red Fuji sport since their patent in 1997.