Redfield™ Red Braeburn

(Mahana cv.) U.S. Plant Patent Pending

redfieldredA bright, cherry-red finish sets this Braeburn sport apart from other can literally see the difference on the tree. A full blush and good typey shape enhances the eye appeal of this apple. RedfieldTM comes from New Zealand where they know a thing or two about Braeburn. This selection has all the juicy, sweet-tart flavor of other Braeburn strains, just colors better.



Braeburn apples are cultivars originating in New Zealand.  The Redfield Red Braeburn (cv Mahana) has a US plant patent pending.  It is distinctive from other Braeburn apple strains because of its bright red finish which looks magnificent when the rows of trees are covered with mature fruit.    

Redfield Red Braeburns hold their shape well and store particularly well when chilled, an important characteristic for commercial growers.  As mentioned above, Redfield Red Braeburns have a wonderful mix of sweet and tart flavor which will be noticable from the first bite making them a favorite for consumers.

Redfield Red Braeburns are one of the many apple varieties grown by Van Well Nursery to help growers diversify their apple orchards.