Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious

(Flinn cv.)

scarlettspurFor almost two decades, Scarlet Spur was the most popular Red Delicious in the world with literally hundreds of thousands of acres in production. Now comes the next generation of America's earliest, best coloring Red Delicious, Scarlet Spur II. Although Scarlet Spur® II finishes coloring about three days earlier than its parent, it has all the winning characteristics of the original - dark mahogany color, crisp white flesh, excellent fruit production and outstanding type. Like its predecessor, Scarlet Spur II is a Van Well Nursery exclusive premier variety.



The Scarlet Spur II, or Scarlet Spur 2, continues the long tradition of Red Delicious apple varieties in Washington.  In their heyday in the 1980's the Red Delicious varieties dominated the Washington state apple crop production representing almost 75% of the apple production in the state.  Red Delicious remain the largest variety of apples harvested in Washington state today.  

The Scarlet Spur II is one of the newer members of Red Delicious which are believed by many fruit growers to be one of the prettiest apples produced.  Another reason for their dominance and longevity is the high antioxidant levels that naturally occur in the Red Delicious strain, including the Scarlet Spur II.