Red Cameo (TM)


(Dudek cv.) U.S. Plant Patent No. 19766

A limb sport of Cameo, this sensational Van Well Nursery exclusive introduction has all the characteristics of its parent — attractive color, crisp, juicy, sweet-tart flavor and outstanding storage quality. The tree exhibits standard growth characteristics, although it can be quite spurry. It is both a vigorous and hardy producer.


The Red Cameo as mentioned above is a new exclusive offering from Van Well Nursery. As you can see it is not as streaky as the original Cameo apple, with a prettier red pattern through, while retaining all of the popular characteristics of its parent.

Cameo apples are a relatively new strain of apples, a chance discovery in a Dryden, WA orchard in 1987 by the Caudle family.  Cameo apples are widely heralded as most flavorful, juicy apples available, and the Red Cameo is no exception.

Red Cameo apples ripen just before Fujis and are harvested in October.  Cameo apples represent about 1% of the apple harvest, and it is expected that this number will continue to grow based on the its popularity with consumers.  

Red Cameos hold their shape well when cooked and stored, and their unusually thin skin adess to the eating pleasure.   Red Cameos are an exclusive offering of Van Well Nursery, as we continue to fulfill our pledge - Our Best To You.