Artic Glo

S - This new, white fleshed nectarine is perfect for the expanding export and domestic markets. An early ripener with pale, juicy flesh.


F - The fruit is large, ovate in shape. The skin is bright yellow with a red blush covering over half the fruit. The flesh is yellow and has firm, smooth texture. Vigorous, productive and self-fruitful.


S - Large, yellow nectarine, partially covered with a red blush. The flesh is also yellow, firm and of excellent flavor. Tree is vigorous and productive.


F -Medium to large fruit with a distinctive flavor and smooth texture. Yellow flesh and red and yellow skin color. The tree is vigorous and productive. Self-fruitful.


F - The attractive skin of this variety is gold, blushed with a brilliant cherry red. The flesh is yellow. A firm fruit with good texture and flavor. The tree is productive and vigorous.

Red Gold

F - A very large fruit with glossy red and gold skin. The flesh is yellow with red around the pit. The fruit has good shelf life and is a good shipper. The tree is productive with fair hardiness. Self-fruitful.