A leading commercial variety in the Pacific Northwest. The skin color is light yellow and green. A winter pear that should be ripened off the tree. The fruit is large, round and firm, with excellent keeping qualities. The flesh is light yellow when properly ripened, has a fine texture, is sweet and juicy and has a superb rich flavor. Our original scion source for Anjou is from a very productive and early bearing orchard.

Asian Pears

The Asian pear is round in shape, crisp like an apple, but very juicy and flavorful. Asian pear varieties listed require pollinators. They also pollinate each other and are pollinated by regular pear varieties. Our varieties are listed here in general order or ripening at Wenatchee, WA. This ripening order may vary in different locations and under different cultural conditions.


One of America's leading commercial pear varieties. Bartlett is a favorite dessert and canning pear. The large fruit has a smooth, attractive appearance highlighted by its golden yellow color. Bartlett bears young and is productive. The tree is strong growing with a tendency for compact, upright growth.

Columbia Red Anjou

(Euwer strain)

This Anjou mutation was discovered at Eugene Euwer's orchard near Hood River, OR. It produces uniform oblong-ovate fruit, red in color with golden-white flesh and smooth texture. The fruit matures in late August to mid-September and stores well. It is a vigorous tree that requires cross pollination (Bartlett is a suitable pollinator).


Well known dessert pear, Comice has a luscious flavor. Its flesh is tender, smooth and melting. The skin color is golden yellow, sometimes lightly tinged with red.

Flemish Beauty

Flemish BeautyA large, highly flavored variety that produces tasty fruit. The skin is creamy yellow in color and sometimes lightly blushed with bright red. The tree is vigorous and productive.

Golden Russet Bosc®

Golden Russet


This Bosc sport was discoverd on the Fuki Orchard near Parkdale, OR., and is sold under a licensing arrangement with Carlton Plants. The fruit is long and symmetrical with a uniform, golden russet overlaying yellowish-white flesh. It matures about the same time as Anjou. The trees are large and vigorous and require cross pollination.


asianpear.gifAn attractive fruit with a golden russeted skin. The flesh is firm, juicy and mild with good quality. A popular variety in California.



(Red Clapp's)

A medium- to large-size fruit, round in shape with a slender neck. It ripens 10 days ahead of Bartlett. The fruit is flavorful and has a bright red skin color. It has a short shelf life.


asianpear.gifVery large, russeted golden Asian pear with sweet, crisp and juicy flesh. Tree is vigorous with an upright qrowing habit. A suitable pollinator for Hosui. Available Spring 2006.


asianpear.gif(20th Century)

The medium-to-large fruit has a very smooth greenish-yellow skin and creamy white flesh that is juicy and aromatic. The tree is upright and productive.


A small-size, sweet and fine-grained pear. The skin color is brown with some red blush. It is popular for canning whole. The tree is productive and has some resistance to blight.

Sensation Red Bartlett

Sensation Red BartlettThis Red Bartlett strain originated in Australia. The skin color is a dark red blush. The flesh is creamy white and has good quality. It is similar to Bartlett in shape. The tree is upright and less vigorous than its parent and is also subject to some color reversion.


asianpear.gifThis yellow-skinned pear is medium in size with a smooth texture, creamy white flesh and a mild, sweet taste.