Plums & Prunes

Black Amber

J - A purplish-black fruit similar to Friar, except more oval in appearance. The tree is vigorous and spreading. Van Well Nursery is pleased to offer this exceptional variety to our customers once again.


J - A large heart-shaped plum, Duarte has deep red skin and flesh color. The fruit is large and very juicy when ripe. It has a sweet flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or canning.

Early Italian

Early ItalianE - An excellent commercial variety, this prune plum ripens 10 days to two weeks ahead of regular Italian. A very good shipper, it produces large, oval fruit. It is very similar to Italian in shape and color.

Elephant Heart

J - A large heart-shaped fruit with red flesh and dark red skin. This old favorite has good quality and a distinctive flavor.


E - Back by popular demand! Plum growers gave us an earful when we stopped growing Empress - and with good reason. This large plum has good flavor and eye appeal. It resembles President Plum, with blue skin and amber flesh. President is a good cross pollinator for this variety.


FriarJ - The skin of Friar is glossy black when the fruit is fully mature. Its flesh color is amber. The fruit is ovate in shape, firm, large and has good quality. Usually, Friar sets a heavy crop so it requires heavy thinning.

Green Gage

E - Fruit has green and yellow skin with a rich, golden flesh. A very sweet plum with a distinctive flavor. The fruit is oval in shape. Self-fruitful.


E - One of the finer prune-plum varieties, this excellent shipping prune is a heavy bearer. It produces large, dark purple fruit that is good for both canning and drying.


E - This variety is a very heavy producer that is very popular for commercial plantings. The fruit is oblong in shape with a dark blue skin and yellow flesh.

Santa Rosa

Santa RosaJ - The fruit is large, round and uniform in size. Santa Rosa has a dark red-to crimson-colored skin with delicious, yellow flesh. The tree is large and productive. Its flavor and fragrant aroma make it a favorite for eating right off the tree.


J- Dark red skin covers the red flesh of this sweet plum. Good cropper that sets consistent crops of medium-size fruit. Not recommended as a pollinator for other red-fleshed plums such as Duarte and Elephant Heart.


J - This tree produces a medium-size yellow plum that ripens early and is very juicy. The tree is hardy and very productive.


E - This firm excellet quality variety produces fruit with purple skin and golden flesh. It can be counted on to produce heavy crops.